Inside the hull: Leopard 2AV

Last time we looked at a vehicle in play for our Soldier in Fortune Leagues, it was the tiniest of them all.

Autumn Harvest PvP Tournament

Autumn Harvest PvP Tournament

The next PvP tournament hosted by AWL is just a few days away. Teams are lining up on the EU and NA servers for this next event.

Grand Slam 1st Anniversary!

Armored Warfare Leagues held a 1st Anniversary Tournament this month that lasted 4 days. Individual players (mercenaries) battled daily to

David vs Goliath - Part 1

Last week we hosted the Equinox PVP tournament, An event that spanned 2 days with more than 10 teams participating for

Armored Warfare 1st Anniversary Tournament

Armored Warfare Leagues is proud to present the "Grand Slam 1st Anniversary Single Player Tournament". 

Soldier of Fortune League Week 4

Week four of "Soldier of Fortune League" play is proving to be one of great excitement. Dose along with OM-2

Equinox PvE Tournament

EU/NA PVE Tournament, September 17th -  Team Registration 

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